Thöléns Espresso Basics

What You Learn

“`After completing this course, you will have all the skills that I find essential to working as a barista. We go over each step in the process, from the roasted beans to the coffee you would serve to the customers, as well as developing a workflow that keeps your work area clean and the principles of being effective without losing out on quality!

You will learn:

– The basics of extracting the espresso shot, as well as touching on the basics of the impact of water to coffee ratios and Grind settings

–  How to achieve a consistent water flow with the correct tampering technique and settings

–  Milk frothing for all the typical espresso drinks, with focus on achieving the correct texture and temperature as that is what will impact the flavor

–  The Typical Coffee shop Menu – all the recipes as well as some tricks to make your beverages more appealing

–  Fundamentals of Latte Art – you will learn the technique to make the basic shape of an heart and if you manage it quickly I will go over some of the other shapes as well

– Effective workflow

– Cleaning

-How to treat and handle customers with respect

and some simple tips and tricks that I have gained during the years to increase the quality of your espresso shot

Oskar Thölén , Course Instructor

My name is Oskar Thölén and I am the one running this course! I have been working as a barista for the past seven years, and I have also developed a huge passion for coffee during my work, which has led me to not only do the job but always look for ways to improve.

I care about the quality I give to my customers and this shows; I have often gained praise from my core customers, some even going as far as asking for me in particular to make their coffee when I am manning a different station.

I hope for you to adapt this mentality during my course so that after honing your skills you can gain the same sort of appreciation from colleagues, employers and customers alike.


Upon Completion you recieve this diploma, signed by Oskar Thölén, the course instructor


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